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Insurance Fraud : Leveraging DECEPTIO.AI deception detection for Insurance Fraud

Lying by omission is the most common form of lying. When people withhold information, they are giving a truthful statement however, they are being deceptive. Uncovering the information they are not disclosing is often the most

important. Insurance fraud poses a significant challenge to many industries,

leading to inflated costs and undermining the trust between insurers and policyholders. As an insurer you want to increase customer satisfaction with your customers by processing their legitimate claims quickly and efficiently.

Example Workflow: DECEPTIO.AI can identify claims from Low Risk to High Risk. All low risk claims are cleared to pay ensuring the claims process for your customers is simple and easy.

However, when high dollar claims are attempted by those who seek to commit fraud you need to know exactly where in their claim they are making deceptive statements. This is where DECEPTIO.AI comes in to assist your SIU. DECEPTIO.AI instantly identifies deceptive areas of a potentially fraudulent claim allowing your SIU to uncover the fraud saving valuable and costly time.

DECEPTIO.AI with its AI-driven deception detection, offers fraud investigators an advanced means of assessing the veracity of a fraud suspect's statements and uncovering truth.

In insurance, during the claims process, investigators can utilize DECEPTIO.AI to assess both verbal testimonies and written statements from policyholders and witnesses. The platform systematically identifies inconsistencies or potential signs of deceit, streamlining the investigator's task in separating genuine claims from potentially fraudulent ones. Such detailed analysis helps insurance companies safeguard against undue payouts and ensures that genuine claimants receive what they're entitled to without unnecessary delays.



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